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Curry Plant

Helichrysum italicum (syn. angustifolium)

Up to 60cm (2ft)
Suitable for:
Well drained soil in full sun. Pots and tubs.
Curry Plant: Helichrysum italicum (syn. angustifolium)

Curry plant has strongly aromatic foliage, and the plant is dense and bushy with an intense silver colour. The plant clips well to make an unusual hedge but is also very fine as a small free-standing shrub with its bright yellow heads of flower.

The whole plant smells strongly of curry especially after summer rain and the Latin name Helichrysum is derived from the flower colour, Helios meaning the sun and Chrysos meaning golden.

The leaves taste slightly spicy but no where near as strong as the scent. They may be chopped finely and added to rice dishes and salads to give a mild zest.