Manor Farm Herbs
Manor Farm
Oxfordshire OX27 8DP

Index of Herbs

      Alpine Strawberry
      Alpine Strawberry 'White Soul'
      Artemesia 'Cola Plant'
Basils …
          Greek Basil
          Sweet Basil
          Thai Basil
      Bergamot Pink (Oswego Tea or Bee Balm)
      Bergamot Red (Oswego tea or Bee balm)
      Bronze Fennel
      Bugle Burgundy Glow (Bugle weed)
      Caraway (Meridian fennel, Persian cumin)
      Creeping Pennyroyal
      Creeping Savory
      Curry Plant
      Curry Plant – Dwarf (Dwarf liquorice plant)
      Double Flowering Chamomile
      Echinacea - Purple cone-flower
      English Mace
      French Tarragon
      Garlic Chives
      Garlic Chives - Lilac Flowered
(Siberian chives, blue chives)

Germanders …
          Germander Silver
          Hedge Germander
      Good King Henry
      Hyssop white flowered
Lavenders …
          Cotton Lavender
          Cotton Lavender 'Lemon Fizz'
          Cotton Lavender - green foliage
          French Lavender
          Lavender 'Grosso' (Dutch lavender, Lavandin)
          Lavender Hidcote
          Lavender Melissa Lilac
          Lavender Provence (Blue Lavandin)
          Lavender x allardii 'Meerlo'
          White lavender
      Lawn Chamomile
      Lemon Balm 'All Gold'
      Lemon Balm (common balm, balm mint)
      Lemon Grass
      Lemon Verbena
      Lemon verbena 'Golden Wind'
Marjorams …
          Golden Marjoram
          Pot Marjoram
Mints …
          Apple mint (Woolly mint)
          Banana Mint
          Basil Mint
          Chocolate Peppermint
          Eau de Cologne Mint
          Ginger mint
          Grapefruit Mint
          Lemon Mint
          Lesser Calamint
          Lime Mint
          Mint 'After Eight'
          Mint 'Berries and Cream'
          Mint Jessica's Sweet Pear
          Moroccan Mint
          Orange Mint
          Pineapple Mint
          Spearmint - Garden Mint
          Strawberry Mint
          Thai mint
      Nodding Onion (Lady’s leek)
Oreganos …
          Oregano 'Hot and Spicy'
          Oregano Country Cream
          Oregano Gold Curled
Parsleys …
          Curled Parsley
          French Parsley
          Giant Italian Parsley
          Japanese Parsley - Mitsuba
      Pink Hyssop
      Purple Shiso - Perilla
      Roman Chamomile (English or Garden Ch.)
Rosemaries …
          Prostrate or Creeping Rosemary
          Rosemary Blue Lagoon
          Rosemary Miss Jessopp's Upright
          White-flowered Rosemary
Sages …
          Blackcurrant Sage
          Golden Variegated Sage
          Pineapple Sage
          Purple Sage
          Russian Sage
          Sage - Salvia microphylla 'Trebah Lilac-white'
          Tangerine Sage
      Salad Burnet
Sorrels …
          Broad leaved Sorrel
          Red Veined Sorrel
      Stevia (sweet leaf)
      Sweet Cecily (Garden Myrrh)
      Sweet Violet
      Sweet Woodruff
Thymes …
          Broad Leaf Thyme
          Caraway Thyme
          Common Thyme
          Creeping red thyme
          Creeping white thyme
          Foxley Thyme (Broad leaf variegated)
          Lemon Variegated Thyme
          Orange thyme
          Rose scented thyme
          Thyme 'Archers Gold'
          Thyme 'Doone Valley'
          Thyme 'Silver Posie'
          Thyme Bressingham Pink
          Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses
          Thyme Hartington Silver (Highland Cream)
          Thyme Minimus
          Thyme Pink Chintz
          Thyme Prostratus
          Thyme Ruby Glow
          Thyme Russetings
          Thyme Sparkling Bright
          Woolly thyme
      Variegated Landcress
      Vietnamese coriander
      Welsh Onion
      Wild or Perennial Rocket
      Winter Savory
      Wood Sage (Woodland Germander)