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Germander Silver

Teucrium x Ackermannii

up to 20cm
up to 45cm
Suitable for:
Any hot dry spot in the garden and will thrive even in the most difficult soil
Germander Silver: Teucrium x Ackermannii

Germanders have become very popular in the last few years. This is a hardy, low growing perennial originating from the Eastern Mediterranean and is quite different from the better known bushy species. It is beautifully compact, and eventually spreads to make a carpet up to 45cm across and no more than 10 – 15 cm high, 20cm when in flower.

The silvery grey-green foliage is evergreen and aromatic, and flowers are produced in abundance in June and then on into September. These are a lovely purplish-pink colour and attractive to all insect pollinators.

This is essentially a alpine plant and requires sun and perfectly drained soil, either stony or sandy, and is perfect planted on a slope where any rainwater will quickly drain away. When first planted water a few times as it establishes but make sure that the soil is dry between each watering. It is hardy down to -15ºC if planted in dry well-draining conditions.

The silver germander is ideal for any hot dry spot in the garden and will thrive even in the most difficult soil. The silvery foliage and purple-pink flowers look lovely planted with our popular creeping thyme range and will thrive in a dry gravel garden and in spaces between flagstones where there is not too much footfall. It will give perfect ground cover at the base of a sunny south facing wall where it is difficult to establish many plants.