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Lavender x allardii 'Meerlo'

Lavandula x allardii 'Meerlo'

60 – 90 cm tall and wide when flowering
Suitable for:
Dry sunny situation. Ideal in containers makes a great feature plant.
Lavender x allardii 'Meerlo': Lavandula x allardii 'Meerlo'

Lavender Meerlo is one of the most attractive and fragrant lavenders. The foliage of this variety is very high in essential oils making it particularly aromatic.

It likes a warm sunny well drained spot to flourish and is extremely drought tolerant making it an ideal plant for hot dry summer weather.

The pale blue flowers are borne on tall stems from mid-summer onwards and are a bee and butterfly magnet!

It looks great grown as a specimen in the border or in a mixed planting with green foliage herbs which will accentuate the variegation of the foliage.

Lavender Meerlo is ideal for growing in a container, either alone or surrounded by smaller contrasting herbs which have a similar preference for dry conditions, like the many varieties of thyme. Container growing has the advantage that the plant can be moved undercover before the cold and wet conditions of winter arrive.

This is one of the more tender cultivars of lavender and will not withstand waterlogging or frost.