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Lavender Provence (Blue Lavandin)

Lavender x intermedia 'Provence'

Up to 90cm
90 – 120cm
Suitable for:
Full sun, dry well drained soil. Great for borders, edging and containers.
Lavender Provence (Blue Lavandin): Lavender x intermedia 'Provence'

Lavender is a really versatile garden plant, and Provence is one of the tallest cultivars, ideal for making an impact and for structural planting. Ideal in larger gardens for edging paths, the scented flowers will perfume the air in summer. Provence makes a great specimen plant, growing over a metre wide if not pruned and reaching up to 90cm tall when in flower. Individual specimens can look impressive in containers and enhance landscapes such as dry gravel and Mediterranean gardens.

Like all lavenders it thrives in full sun in a dry well drained soil and does not tolerate waterlogging. With their tall stout stems the blooms make first rate cut flowers, and are popular with all insect life which makes Lavender Provence ideal to incorporate into a wildlife garden.

Prune away all the dead flower stems when the blooms have finished flowering, and neaten up the bush in late summer by cutting into the leafy stems but NOT the hard wood.

Whilst named for the famous lavender growing region of France this cultivar actually originated in Canada about 70 years ago.