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Golden Curly Marjoram

Oreganum vulgare 'Aureum crispum'

30cm (12in) in flower
Suitable for:
Any soil, shade from full sun. Tubs and pots.
Golden Curly Marjoram: Oreganum vulgare 'Aureum crispum'

Golden curly marjoram is less vigorous than the plain leaf form and has a tendency to scorch in full sun especially in mid-summer. A little dappled shade is best to keep the foliage looking at its best.

The taste is warm and aromatic and it is an important addition to Italian, Greek and Mexican cuisine. It especially improves dishes containing garlic chilli and tomatoes, and is used in extensively spaghetti bolognaise and other pasta dishes, pizza, moussaka and aubergine and all tomato dishes. It retains it flavour well when dried and is often used in this form particularly in the winter months.

The curly form is however not as prolific as the plain leafed gold marjoram, and is planted mainly for its attractiveness in the garden and its appeal to insect life such as bees and butterflies. It makes an ideal plant in mixed containers as it will not swamp the other occupants.