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Banana Mint

Mentha arvensis 'Banana'

Up to 45cm
Suitable for:
Moist sunny spot with average soil. Herb garden, containers and ground cover.
Banana Mint: Mentha arvensis 'Banana'

Banana mint is a hardy perennial herb, it has a lower growing and more creeping tendency than most other mints. As it is shorter, it can be used as ground cover, and another plus point is that it is less aggressive than other mints making it more controllable when in a mixed border.

It only grows to 30 - 45 cm high and its bright lime green leaves are strongly scented with peppermint with a unmistakable sweet tang of banana! Unlike most other mints, which have quite insignificant flowers, the flowers of banana mint are particularly attractive, whorls of round lilac blossoms which will entice lots of bees and butterflies to your garden.

This mint is best used fresh, not cooked, to keep its aroma and flavour.

There are lots of culinary uses to try out.

  • Add to iced summer drinks and milk shakes.
  • Use as a garnish to puddings and desserts.
  • Add finely chopped leaves to salads for a lovely zesty flavour.
  • The blossoms and the finely sliced leaves make an unusual addition to fresh fruit salads.
  • Make a bottle of sparkling wine special!

In the bottom of each wine glass put a small teaspoon of brown sugar and 3 or 4 crushed banana mint leaves. Top up with chilled dry sparkling wine for an instant cocktail.

Banana mint is new to us so if you have any recipes to share we would be love to hear from you.