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Eau de Cologne Mint

Mentha x piperata var. citrata

Up to 40cm (18in)
Suitable for:
A sunny, moist position.
Eau de Cologne Mint: Mentha x piperata var. citrata

Eau de Cologne mint has bronze - green foliage with a distinctive sweet fragrance and in summer it has whorls of attractive mauve flowers. It is a hardy spreading perennial mint, which is both useful and attractive.

More info:

This is an attractive, scented mint with particularly aromatic leaves, suitable both for pot pourri and for culinary use. Regular cutting will give rise to lots of fresh new foliage to use.

The leaves can be used fresh to make refreshing teas and herb vinegar, and also chopped and added to fruit salads and jellies. The aroma and taste of eau de cologne mint has a particular affinity with oranges.

Eau de cologne mint is the best type of mint for making a classic mint julep, redolent of the 'Deep South' of the USA. Spearmint and peppermint taste too reminiscent of toothpaste and also roast lamb!

Classic Mint Julep

Make a sugar syrup by dissolving equal quantities of sugar and water in a small saucepan.
1 cup of each is ideal.

Once the sugar is dissolved, simmer the syrup gently for 10 minutes then allow to cool.

Tear up several eau de cologne mint leaves and put into a tall chilled glass. Add a little sugar syrup and a measure of whisky, stir well and top up with lots of ice.

Relax on a balmy warm evening with one of these and feel your stresses melt away.

The scented leaves can also be picked in mid summer and dried to use in pot pourri.

When the mint is growing in abundance a large bunch adds a lovely relaxing fragrance to a bath. Tie a good handful together with a length of string and quickly rinse in cold water. Then tie the bunch to the hot tap of the bath so that the hot water runs over the foliage as the bath fills. This gives instant aromatherapy without the need to buy expensive oils.