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Mint Jessica's Sweet Pear

Mentha 'Sweet Pear'

Up to 50 cm
Suitable for:
Rich moist soil in full sun. Ideal for containers.
Mint Jessica's Sweet Pear: Mentha 'Sweet Pear'

Sweet Pear is a vigorous upright mint with attractive foliage — soft elongated leaves which are slightly silvery grey as the light catches them.

Unlike most mints it is said to grow without the production of invasive runners, so is ideal to be planted in the herb garden amongst other herbs without the danger of the mint runners swamping the other plants. This is a very new variety for us and we do need to check out this statement!!

With its sweet scent and flavour it is an ideal mint for use in teas and other drinks, and for adding exciting flavours in your puddings.

Have a look at our other fruity mints — grapefruit, strawberry and lemon — as the recipe ideas are interchangeable, or try our salt rimmed chihuahua — yes a cocktail, not a salt encrusted dog! — for something a bit different.

Salt rimmed chihuahua cocktail

Salt rimmed chihuahua cocktail

(serves 1)

  • Coarsely ground sea salt
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 15 ml orange liqueur (Cointreau, Triple Sec or similar)
  • 30 ml golden Tequila
  • 3 sprigs of Sweet Pear mint
  • 125 ml Apple and Pear juice (available in most supermarkets)
  • 4 icecubes

Lightly moisten the rim of a glass with a touch of the lime juice and then dip the glass into the salt to get a good crusting. If you have time leave to dry for a few minutes.

Put the orange liqueur and tequila into a cocktail shaker with the mint and crush a little with a muddler to extract the sweet minty flavour. (A jam jar and the end of a wooden spoon makes a very adequate, if not very stylish, substitute if you don't own a cocktail shaker!)

Add the lime and the fruit juices along with the ice cubes and shake for 1 minute until the cocktail is well chilled.

Strain into the salty glass and garnish with a mint sprig. You can sip though the salty rim or through a straw as you prefer.