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Thyme Ruby Glow

Thymus praecox 'Ruby Glow'

About 5cm
with a potential spread of up to 30cm
Suitable for:
Any sunny location in dry, well drained soil. Ideal for containers, paths, gravel and rock gardens.
Thyme Ruby Glow: Thymus praecox 'Ruby Glow'

Thyme 'Ruby Glow' is the latest introduction to our popular creeping thyme range. It has a very prostrate growth habit forming a mat of spreading, dark green foliage only about 5cm high. The flowers in summer are a rich dark crimson red, very difficult to catch the full brilliance and intensity in a photograph.

This thyme likes all the same growing conditions as other thymes, planted in a sunny well drained spot.

As with all thymes, it should be trimmed hard after flowering to maintain compact growth and to encourage new shoots for the rest of the year. If this is done promptly after flowering the plant will often flower again towards the autumn.

As Ruby Glow is very low growing it is ideal for carpeting the ground as part of a thyme path and between paving stones. It also is good planted in rockeries, creeping over the stones, or simply planted in the herb garden or a container where it can cascade over the sides.