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Woolly thyme

Thymus pseudolanuginosus

2.5 - 7cm (1 - 3 in)
up to 40cm (1ft 4 in) or more
Suitable for:
Well drained soil in full sun. Paths and paving areas, tubs and containers.
Woolly thyme: Thymus pseudolanuginosus

Like all the thymes, the woolly variety is a perennial prostrate shrublet. Evergreen throughout the year, its tiny grey hairy leaves have an interesting and unusual texture, when planted alone or with other contrasting foliage thymes.

As with most silver and grey leaf plants it does need to be planted in a well drained soil. It is ideal for planting in very dry areas like cracks in the paving, gravelled areas and on top of walls and also makes an ideal herb to plant in a container especially if your soil tends to be damp and clayey. Woolly thyme looks very effective when planted with other creeping thymes from our range. The grey leaves contrast well with the green foliage of white flowered, caraway and creeping red thymes and also act as a foil to the golden leaf varieties such as Doone Valley, Archers Gold and Pink Ripple. All these thymes are perennial and evergreen so you can create a permanent planting with interest and colour throughout the year within your garden.