Manor Farm Herbs
Manor Farm
Oxfordshire OX27 8DP

Manor Farm Herbs
MANOR FARM HERBS are specialist herb growers
situated in North Oxfordshire.

We supply an immense range of herbs to garden centres, shops, landscapers and stately homes throughout four counties.

Our website is an opportunity for you to buy healthy herbs directly from a professional grower.

Autumn Herbs

Autumn is the ideal time for planting — the soil is warm and moist
and your new additions get off to a flying start before winter arrives.

Rosemary Blue Lagoon
Rosemary Blue Lagoon

Looking especially good the moment to brighten up your containers are:

All of the thymes — especially the gold and silver leaf varieties.

Rosemary – some like Blue Lagoon are starting to flower.

Cotton lavenders — with great coloured foliage silver, gold or brilliant green.

Helianthemum 'Ben Ledi'

Try mixing your herbs with some of our new flowering perennials:

Lamium and Helianthemum will brighten up containers.

Plant Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' and Achillea 'Summer Fruits Lemon'
with daffodils either in containers or in the border for a lovely
spring and summer display

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Creeping thyme collection

Now ready for planting

Thyme Prostratus
Thyme Prostratus
Lawn of Thymes
Lawn of Thymes

A comprehensive collection of Creeping Thymes is now available.

To find out more about these thymes either
click on Special Collections
or Tarragon and Thymes.