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Manor Farm Herbs: Gift Vouchers and Special Collections

Gift Vouchers £11.10

Each gift voucher is for 3 herb plants includes postage and specialist packaging. For more information see Herbs as gifts.

Special collections

Special Collections

Our special collections are sold as packs of three or six herbs. We will select the herbs that are looking at their best when we pack your order.

Our collections are ideal to order as a gift for friends and family, to plant in a special spot in your garden or in a container by your door. They will give you herbs to use in the kitchen and an attractive scented addition to your garden as well.

The prices include postage and specialist packaging.

Italian Cooking and Pizza Collection (£11.10)

Fresh herbs can take your Italian cooking to the next level. Warm, fragrant and sweet flavours abound in Italian cuisine and our collection of 3 herbs includes one plant each of Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano Hot & Spicy.

Why not add: Sweet Basil and Giant Italian Parsley, and sow some easy to grow Salad Rocket seeds for the accompanying salad.

Asian Cuisine Collection (£11.10)

The Taste of Asia, be it Thai, Vietnamese or Malaysian recipes, is enhanced by the use of native herbs and spices to give that authentic and aromatic flavour. Our collection of 3 herbs includes one plant each of Vietnamese coriander, Thai mint and Garlic Chives.

Why not add: Thai basil, Lemon grass, Purple Shiso (perilla) and Japanese Parsley in the summer when they are at their best. Try sowing some quick growing Coriander and Oriental salad leaf seeds to use as a garnish.

Summer Drinks Collection (£11.10)

Looking forward to summer when we can relax in the garden for a well earned rest with a cool drink. Herbs make a refreshing addition to your chosen tipple, be it alcoholic or otherwise. There are lots of recipes for summer drinks in the recipe section of our website. Our collection of 3 herbs includes one plant each of Lemon balm, Moroccan mint and Flowering Chamomile.

Why not add: Lavender Hidcote, Strawberry mint, Alpine Strawberry and Lemon verbena, plus easily grown Borage seed for extra colour and flavour.

Creeping thyme collection (£22.20)

A selection of 6 creeping thymes to create a special area of colour on your rockery or gravel area, or to give a starter for the planting of a thyme path or lawn. Create a real centrepiece of colour and a haven for butterflies and bees when these thymes are in flower.

Lots of our herbs like dry conditions, why not add variety to your creeping thyme planting by adding Lawn Chamomile and Double Flowered Chamomile for their fragrant foliage. Try adding some Creeping Savory,  Helianthemum 'Ben Ledi' and Helianthemum 'Ben Fhada' to extend the flowering season and add extra interest and colour to your beds and containers.

Culinary collection (£22.20)

Six common culinary herbs ideal as a starter for your herb garden, to give as a house warming present or for anyone just starting out in gardening or cooking.

Decorative kitchen collection (£22.20)

A collection of six herbs for those of you who have the basic herbs already planted in their gardens. The herbs in this collection are dual purpose, in that they are both culinary and ornamental and just a little bit different.

Salad collection (£22.20)

Lots of herbs add zing and flavour to salads, the six herbs in our salad collection will spice up your salads and give lots of different flavours and textures to go with the essential 'lettuce, cucumber and tomato'.

Gold and green collection (£22.20)

Six attractively colour co-ordinated herbs that can be planted into your garden or straight into a container, to give a special pot that will take pride of place in the garden.

Purple and silver collection (£22.20)

Purple and silver herbs, either the foliage or flowers, are a particularly good selection to plant together. Planted in a pot, or a small area together, these six colour co-ordinated herbs, will look as if they belong together and add to the scent and colour of your garden.