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Greek Basil

Ocimum basilicum var. minimum

15 - 30cm (6 - 12in)
Suitable for:
Sunny sheltered position, inside or out. Protect from frost. Ideal for pots & tubs
Greek Basil: Ocimum basilicum var. minimum

With correct conditions and plenty of warmth this is a prolific herb. Flower buds should be pinched out to encourage a bushy plant and plenty of leaf growth. If grown in a pot on the window ledge then at least a 1litre pot will be needed using a well drained compost and regular feeding will be required.

Essential uses for all basils are in pasta dishes and especially with tomatoes, eggs and torn up into salads. When used in hot dishes basil should always be added at the end of the cooking time otherwise much of the flavour is lost.

Basil Butter

A subtle alternative to the usual garlic variety.

Blend together:

  • 75 g soft butter
  • 2 tbs greek basil
  • 1 tbls garlic chives (chopped)
  • a grinding of coarse black pepper

This butter will keep well in the fridge and has many summery uses.

  • ~Serve with grilled meat or fish.
  • ~Dot onto tomatoes before baking.
  • ~Spread onto french bread slices and top with grated cheese before baking for an instant snack.

The Greek basil leaves are smaller and softer than those of other basils and can be used whole in salads.