Manor Farm Herbs
Manor Farm
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Manor Farm Herbs
MANOR FARM HERBS are specialist herb growers
situated in North Oxfordshire.

We supply an immense range of herbs to garden centres, shops, landscapers and stately homes throughout four counties.

Our website is an opportunity for you to buy healthy herbs directly from a professional grower.

New Herbs for a New Season

We have been propagating throughout the autumn to give you lots of new herbs to try this spring.

Anise Hyssop
Anise Hyssop

New introductions to look out for in 2017 include:

  • Three tasty new mints – Orange, Sweet Pear and "After Eight" flavours.
  • Anise Hyssop, new colours for Hyssop and Bergamot,
  • architectural Cardoons, Artemesia Powis Castle …

and to compliment our popular creeping thyme collection:

  • Creeping Savory, which looks like a tiny heather as it flowers.

In addition we shall have a new seed collection of annual herbs for sale:


Coriander, Dill and Borage to name but a few - these grow far better sown direct
by you from seed and will be available from early spring.

Later in spring and early summer we shall have an entirely new range:
"Just beyond the Herb Garden" featuring attractive flowering perennials
with herby associations.

Watch our home page for availability when spring is on its way,
or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest availability updates
on these new herbs and ways to use them.

Creeping thyme collection

now ready for planting

A comprehensive collection of Creeping Thymes is now ready for you to buy. To find out more about these thymes either click on Special Collections or Tarragon and Thymes.

Lawn of Thymes
Lawn of Thymes

Creeping thymes like a dry sunny position and are ideal for growing in gravel areas and rockeries, between paving stones and for planting thyme paths and lawns. They withstand walking on and are totally hardy.

Check out our article Prostrate herbs for cracks and crevices, walls and paths for more details.

We have selected a range of thymes with red, pink and white flowers and also a variety of leaf types and colours to give you as wide a choice as possible for planting to suit your garden design.